12v Pumps

Need to sample a monitoring well .....we can help with a 12 volt pump!

This rugged range of groundwater pumps are designed for purging and continuous sampling with the 12volt power offering convenience of operation in the field.

Natdrill are stocking a large range of pumps including the popular Mini-Monsoon, Mega-Monsoon, Typhoon, Tempest/Twister, Supernova and the stainless steel Poseidon 80 along with Low Flow Power Boosters.

Our range of pumps will cover your groundwater sampling requirements from 15mts to 50mts for both 50mm and 40mm monitoring wells.

Plastic Pumps

Mini Monsoon

12 Volt Mini Monsoon ® Lifts 70 feet / 21 Meters DTW

Mega Monsoon

12 Volt Mega Monsson ® Lifts 200 feet / 61 meters DTW

Low Flow

Low Flow with Power Booster 3 Controller for Mega Monsoon ®


Supernova 70 ®Lifts 70 feet / 21 meters DTW


12 Volt Typhoon ® Lifts 50 feet / 15 meters DTW

Water Spout

Water Spout 2 Complete ® Lifts 60 feet / 18 meters DTW


12 Volt Poseidon 80 ® Lifts 80 feet / 24 Meters DTW