Water Well Drill Bits

PDC Bits

Rockpecker drill bits are made for drilling under the toughest conditions. The use of high grade materials, precision engineering and continuous product development methods, ensures the drill bits are designed with customer objectives of reliable performance and quality.

Equipped for performance
  • Hardened alloy steel base material
  • High performance PDC cutters
  • Gauge protection, carbide and diamond
  • Carbide/diamond shock studs
  • Threaded or plain carbide nozzles for flushing

  • Tricone Bits

    Natdrill offers heavy duty tricone bits to meet your customised drilling needs. Mill tooth or tungsten carbide inserts.
    Sizes from 2 15/16” to 28″

    Soft Formation

    Used on loose of low compressive strength formations where fast penetration is obtainable. Features long, hard teeth and maximum cone offset for fastest drilling.

    Medium Formation

    Drills a variety of medium to hard or ‘streaky’ formations. Provides ample gauge wear protection, yet allows fast penetration rates.

    Hard Formation

    Drills abrasive formation with compressive strengths. Gauge teeth and minimum cone offset provides resistance to gauge rounding penetration rates.

    Drag Bits

    We supply a full range of drag bits to cater for all your drilling requirements.

    Regular Blade

    Chevron & Regular Type

  • 3 Way - Up to 20"
  • 4 Way - Up to 20"
  • Heavy Duty Step Type

  • 3 Way - Up to 20"
  • 4 Way - up to 20"