Enviro Casing & Screens

Casing & Screen

Environmental 50mm Casing and Screen is made from uPVC and comes in class 18 size and features threaded ends for easy field assembly. All our casing and screen come washed and individually bagged.


  • Length: 1 metre Code: PVC50C18CA1
  • Length: 1.5 metre Code: PVC50C18CA1.5
  • Length: 3 metre Code: PVC50C18CA3

  • Prepack Screens

    Prepacked screens consist of a standard, slotted PVC pipe surrounded by a stainless steel mesh. Sand is packed between the slotted PVC and the stainless steel mesh. Since the sand is packed around the slotted PVC before the well screen is installed, using prepacks guarantees that sand will be located directly around the well screen. This makes well installation quicker and more efficient than traditional methods.

    NDE Code Size Length O.D
    PREPACK20X1.5 3/4" (20mm) 5' (1.5mtr) 1.4" (35mm)
    PREPACK25X1.5 1" (25mm) 5' (1.5mtr) 1.7" (43mm)
    PREPACK2X1.5 2" (50mm) 5' (1.5mtr) 2.8" (71mm)
    PREPACK32X1.5 1 1/4" (32mm) 5' (1.5mtr) 2.4" (61mm)
    PREPACK40X1.5 1 1/2" (38mm) 5' (1.5mtr) 2.4" (61mm)

    Filter Sock

    The filter sock slides over the slotted pipe to keep out unwanted fine silt and sands. The polyester sock is 1.9mm thick with a filtration opening of 50mm, 100mm and 150mm pipe.


    The flexipoint is an end cap designed to be installed in the screen with no need to cut off the female thread first.


  • Flush with the pipe O.D.
  • Pointed tip to drive down into the bottom of your well if needed.
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Fits class 18 pipe as standard
  • Also fits class 12 if O-ring is added
  • Made in Australia
  • For 50mm pipe