Well Plugs

Torquer Well Plugs

TORQUER high security locking well plugs are a simple, secure plug available in a wide range of diameters designed to protect your monitoring wells from contamination. The highly visible TORQUER well plug, which is manufactured from engineering grade polymer, is an inexpensive watertight locking plug. No metal parts to corrode and two instrument tethering eyes are included at the base of the plugs for suspending equipment. Available in 20mm, 25mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm.

Private labelling is available to promote your business.

Torquer Flush Lock Well Plug

The latest lockable well plug to be included in the TORQUER range.
Now available in standard and vapour extraction style.

  • Flush Locking profile
  • Unique security key
  • No metal parts or padlocks
  • Environmentally sustainable construction

  • J Plug

    The “J” Plug lockable well plug is a fantastic little number that has been around for many years. The large wing nut makes locking and releasing a breeze and the large seal area prevents contamination of the well.
    The all white colour and the “DO NOT FILL – MONITOR WELL” imprint make this a nice finish to the perfect well.

    Available to suit 2" and 4" wells.

    Ex-Cap Vapour Extraction Well Plug

    The TORQUER EX-CAP is a self sealing vapour sampling cap to replace the standard well cap where vapour monitoring is required and removal of the well plug is not necessary.
    The TORQUER EX-CAP is fitted with a brass self sealing quick connect fitting, allowing easy connection with the Qwik Connect Fitting.

    To suit 2″ – 3″ – 4″ wells.

    Qwik Connect Vapour Extraction Fitting & Tube

    For use with TORQUER Ex-Caps.

    The coupling connects to the poppet on the Vapour Extraction Plug. On the other side there is a 3/16″ hose barb for use with most 1/4″OD tubing.

    HDPE Polyethylene tubing

    High Density Tubing provides the best performance in deeper monitoring wells because of it's rigidity. The stiffness of this material produces better flow rates and greater lifts. This tubing will also stretch much less than LDPE material in deep monitoring wells, making it more efficient.

    Available in 1/4" 100 metre and 300 metre rolls

    LDPE Polyethylene tubing

    Low density tubing is the most popular tubing choice for use in shallow monitoring wells. LDPE tubing is more flexible than HDPE and is less likely to develop a kink.
    The difference in the rigidity between LDPE and HDPE does not have a significant impact on the performance of the inertial pump in shallow wells.
    LDPE tubing is also recommended for use with the PROACTIVE line of 12 volt submersible pumps.

    Available in 1/4" 100 metre and 300 metre rolls